Are You At Your Max Effort?
Do You Desire Ease In Business?

As a Chief Operating Officer (COO), I make hard things easy for you, the CEO. There’s a return on effort. I do this by showing up as a strategic partner. I know a business is ready for a COO when they crave ease and efficiency, and let the CEO step into their ZONE OF GENIUS.

I know you're feeling...

  • Overwhelmed by focusing on the day-to-day things rather than the vision/big picture for your business.
  • Anxious and stressed because of all the critical decisions you have to make all alone.
  • Burned out and tied to your business.

I help you...

  • By showing up as a strategic partner to streamline your efforts, generate more revenue through efficiency, and help refocus your time on the needle-moving tasks.
  • Return to your creative/passionate zone where innovation, new product lines, or new business ideas are generated.
  • Reduce stress and improve your physical and mental health and quality of life as a result of sharing work or business responsibilities – thus eliminating chaos.
Priyanka Khandalkar - chief operating officer- podcaster - author

Simplify, Streamline, & Systemize to thrive & grow your business

Without systems, your business is heavily dependent on you as the owner. Having systems will make your life so much easier! 

Thank you for showing perfect way to see how you are showing up in your business and where you can step up.

– Lauren Andrews


VIP Strategy Day: Book me as your “COO for a Day”

Where you are now: your business is growing and you are maxed out on time and have a thousand things on your to-do list.

You struggle with: feeling burned out with endless day-to-day activities and an ever increasing to-do list. Things are falling apart and you do not have systems and automation.

You really desire: to simplify, prioritize, and delegate tasks to take back some time. You want to hire a team, implement systems to automate your business and improve efficiency which ultimately increases profit and scale your business to 7 figure and more.

How I can help: we will follow a proven framework that allows us to dissect your business and discover what should be prioritized for scalability! We will focus on 7 strategic objectives as shown below and create a 90-day strategic detailed quarterly, easy-to-follow plan that you can begin implementing right away in your business to maximize profit and impact!

The 7 strategic objectives every business needs:

  • Financial Stability
  • Visibility
  • Product Creation & Refinement
  • Operational Efficiencies(Systems, Automations)
  • Team Growth
  • Customer or Client Experience
  • Personal Growth & Professional Development

We will be looking into things which you love to do in business and delegate the rest of the task. We will be centralizing all the information in one place for easy sharing. We will be identifying the growth areas in your business. 


Strategize and stop wasting time on projects that don’t matter.


Learn how to zoom in on tasks that have the highest return on investment.


Make it easier on yourself & your team. Understand how you and each member should spend their time.

VIP experience include:

  • Pre-work: Business audit onboarding form, Send necessary documents to overview: financial reports, Teams Roles and Responsibilities, Access to systems, CEO day to day task breakdown information.
  • 60 minute Kick off call to plan out what we will be working on 6 hrs VIP day – at least 1 week before VIP day
  • 6 hrs Virtual VIP day : We will go through my framework and craft a customized 7 figure scalable business model strategy. This includes streamlining the product suite and the process of delivery, Org chart building, KPI development, Systems , Mindset and looking into 7 strategic Objective. We will be using my comprehensive workbook and spreadsheets to complete this process
  • Post VIP Day Delivery : the replay, the workbook with the next 90 days strategic plan, all of the files that we filled out and it’s all in one Google Drive..
  • Post VIP Day support: 2 weeks support  via Voxer and 60 mins meet after 6 weeks to check in. This support period does not include additional work or changes.

Stop waiting for the stars to align.


This is your sign to whip your life into shape, take charge, and get the strategic plan you need to thrive and scale your business to 7 figure and more.


VIP Day Investment is $3000


Chief Operating Officer

Where you are now: your business is scaling $1million or more and you want to take a break from the day-to-day operations role and hand it off, or a life event has happened and you need to step away from the business without feeling overwhelmed about running the business in your absence.

You struggle with: being tied to your business and day-to-day activities which is not helping to grow your business. You are not able to focus your energy and time on revenue-generating tasks. You are overwhelmed with making all the key business decisions alone without getting a fresh perspective of a second opinion. You cannot step away from business when a life event such as a maternity leave, family emergency, or family travel needs your presence and attention.

You really desire: to hand off the operations piece of the business and get time back to focus on what you love the most. You want someone to run your day-to-day operations, hire, and manage the team. You need support to keep projects on track ad streamline processes, and identify the gaps and help you make the strategic best decisions. You desire to truly have stress-free business operations that run on their own and are not dependent on you.

How I can help: I will come in as a strategic partner/right hand to you, the CEO, and take the operation’s tasks so you can focus on your zone of genius. In cooperation with you, I will do the following:

  • Lay out the next 2 to 3 quarters together as 90-day plans which align with the mission and vision of the business.
  • Establish the KPI to align with each of the prioritized projects and business objectives.
  • Evaluate and create an organization chart.
  • Identify the right talent to hire to scale.
  • Oversee financial management, identify profit-increasing activities, and improve process efficiency by plugging the gap in any systems.
  • Integrate automation and leverage systems to optimize process efficiency in every part of the business from sales to marketing to fulfillment.
  • Perform project and team management to keep projects on track with intentional leadership.
  • Support also includes implementation of: Lead generation systems, Optimize funnels, Lead nurture systems, Lead tracking CRM systems, Client fulfillment systems includes Client Onboarding and Client Offboarding, Client retention solution implementation, Improving Client Life Time Value, Data tracking and Dashboard Creation, Automation build out, Project Management systems, Project launch plan, Hiring, Team Management, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP


Able to focus on revenue-generating activities and taking your business to the next level with less of you in the day to day.


Take a break from your business without impacting your income or client relationships.


Make it easier on yourself and the team by not being a bottleneck which hinders the growth of the company, Thus creating a healthy, trustful, and engaged team culture.
Let us manage the day-to-day ops so you can scale your business and successfully transition into the role of CEO you were meant to be.

Packages start at $5000/month

Priyanka has helped me organize and grow my team, create systems and processes, and not feel so overwhelmed in my business. She helped us achieve a multiple 6 figures launch- was our best week to date! We are now on track to double our gross income from last year and hit 7 figures in our second year. Priyanka is a high-level, task-focused , get-it-done kind of woman! She will help any business revamp their operations to scale fast, while making it sustainable and professional. Don’t hesitate to hire her!

– Karen Welton, Pain Free Birth

I was overwhelmed with scaling, confused over team roles and responsibilities, strategy and planning before Priyanka joined me as my Director of operations. I hired Priyanka because I felt aligned with her. Priyanka grew my team and got operations/ systems in place. Priyanka is warm and wonderful. Leverage Priyanka to have her create an assessment to help you get your team in place so that you can scale.

– Tanya Rubinstein, Somatic Writing 

Priyanka brings a wealth of experience from a diverse background and wide skillset with her.

– Natalie Shafer Gingrich, The Ops Authority


Working with Pri as a strategic consultant ignited my vision for my new business. Pri helped expertly guide my transition from CEO of a global non-profit to an individual business in a stunningly short period. Pri’s vast acumen and passion have a capacity to support a strategic vision and implementation in a deeply grounded way. My business would not have launched without Pri’s partnership. 

– M.K., New York City, Somatic therapist and author