My name is Priyanka Khandalkar and I’m an Operations Queen.

As a Certified Director of Operations with over 12 years of experience, I know how to find the gaps and seize the opportunities that will put your business back on track for growth.

I’m a Business Growth Strategist, an engineer with a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, an entrepreneur, and a top-rated podcast host of an intentional, leadership-focused podcast on iTunes called “SHOW UP with Priyanka.” My podcast shares real-life stories of entrepreneurs who have shown up to become intentional leaders that inspire and impact authentically.

I am Leadership coach to operations executives and successfully coached around 143 Director of operations in 2021 to strengthen their leadership. I am published author of the globally top ranked book “Wings of a Woman”. I had the opportunity to impact 3 millions worldwide by her media interviews in News and Newspaper. In 2021 I was awarded top women influence of India.

After leaving 12 years of corporate experience as a Senior Operations Engineer in Fortune 500 Companies including Volkswagen and John Deer, I took the plunge into consulting and coaching. I was always fascinated with the nomadic, online business lifestyle of an entrepreneur, and with having the flexibility to travel and make money from any part of the world. Thus, after years of experimenting with creating software apps, and selling physical products on Amazon as a side hustle while pursuing my engineering career, I finally decided to go all in with my passion to help impact-driven entrepreneurs with my superpower of operations expertise. I got certified as Director of Operations for small businesses.

As a Certified Director of Operations, my mission is to help impact-driven, heart-centered, and community-focused entrepreneurs to simplify, systemize, and streamline their business to increase profit and eliminate chaos.

As an industrial engineer/quality engineer in my corporate career, I was responsible for setting up optimized assembly processes to meet quality, safety, and time targets. I have expertise in creating process flow and standard operating procedures (SOP), identifying potential failures and missing gaps, and finding the most optimized solution for them (aka Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)). I also have expertise putting robust checks in place to ensure controls at every step, thus setting up quality testing to validate the final product effectiveness and avoid failures. I am an expert at problem solving and putting lean improvement plans in place to maximize the outcome and make the processes robust for repeatable tasks.

I am honored to have been one of the few recently selected by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins as a Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) coach, trainer, and speaker. I will represent Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi on stages and in workshops worldwide to help entrepreneurs create successful masterminds.

I come from a diverse culture from India where I grew up. I came to the USA in 2008 to pursue my master’s degree. I currently live in Oregon with my 4-year-old daughter and husband. I am a professionally trained singer and am passionate about dancing all kinds of dance forms.


I am the protector of your time, making your vision a reality through team and operations management, ensuring you can be a leader and visionary and NOT a manager and implementer. I’m responsible for filtering and translating your ideas into functional plans for the company. I provide support as the right-hand person to you, the CEO, contributing and collaborating and sharing my point of view.


I am responsible for building the infrastructure of your organization and building a motivated team of dedicated believers that will help you achieve your company goals. I ensure everyone is truly following and adhering to the company’s core values and SOPs. I optimize operations and provide coaching when opportunities arise.


I am heavily involved with the strategy and implementation of business project management, annual/quarterly plans, meeting cadence, and operational systems—including financial, legal, and technical systems. I oversee ongoing streamlining of systems + working through issues with efficiencies, processes, and overall operations. I proactively identify and mitigate issues and risks. I creatively solve problems and bottlenecks to keep projects on track.



Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (2007)

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (2010)

Six Sigma Green Belt certification (2011)

Master of Science in Engineering Management (2014)

Project Management certification (2014)

Certified Director of Operations (2020)

Certified Mastermind Facilitator – Knowledge Business Blueprint (2020)









Coach, Time Keeper, Catalyst, Thinker, Storyteller



Networker – I



Impact-driven, Heart-centered, Intentional and Authentic Leadership, Candor, Fun, and Adventure



Type 2: Giver (99%) and Type 3: Achiever (98%)

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Every CEO wants more time back. What they plan to do with the extra time varies. They may want to work fewer hours, take more vacations, or utilize their time to focus on revenue-generating tasks rather than tasks that don’t bring in revenue. I believe CEOs are truly in their CEO role when they are focusing on content creation, product creation, strategy, sales, and networking. When their plate is full, they can’t do that. By bringing in operations support, they can use their time on more strategic items.

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