Run your business like a CEO to SCALE UP your business!

Hi! I help impact-driven and heart-centered entrepreneurs earning multiple six figures or more like you scale and build sustainable and profitable businesses by leveraging smart SYSTEMS + empowered TEAMS + streamline OPERATIONS so you can make more impact, more income, and eliminate chaos.

Lets talk about making the crazy go away in your business.


Did you know only 4% of businesses reach 7 figures and above? What if you could RUN your BUSINESS like a well-oiled machine without overwhelm?


• Few to no systems to run the business smoothly
• Little to no automation
• Does not track or understand all the numbers to know the true health of the business
• Distracted by thousands of things on their to-do list
• Does not know what to focus on day to day to grow the business
• Tied to their business and can’t take the day off
• Does not have the right team in place to run the business if they need to take an extended leave
• Feels like an employee in their own business


• Organized with appropriate systems and processes in place for every part of the business
• Have key performance indicators (numbers) set up to check the health of the business and make informed decisions
• Able to focus on the task that they love to do most which aligns with their vision and brings the highest return on investment
• Tasks are delegated and are assigned to appropriate team members so they can focus on revenue-generating tasks
• The business runs with sustainable business operations and the right team to free up their time
• Client relationships improve because of their focus on them
• Less Stressed, More Time, More Impact, More Revenue
• Strategizes and stops wasting time on projects that don’t matter


I love helping entrepreneurs build systems and processes so they can get organized to effectively improve and ultimately scale their business. As a Certified Director of Operations, I love to strategize, project plan, establish KPI, and build processes to go from idea extraction to implementation in the fastest time possible. I truly want to help impact-driven and heart-centered visionaries with my superpower of operations expertise. I can make their vision a reality with a strong foundation to thrive and build a sustainable business so the CEO can have more freedom to impact and do things they love the most.

I started Scale Up with Priyanka after leaving my 12 years of corporate career in engineering. I currently live with my 3-year-old daughter and husband in Michigan. I have experience in launching apps and selling physical products. I am also the host of a top-rated, leadership-focused podcast for entrepreneurs on iTunes called “SHOW UP with Priyanka.”

Priyanka has a work ethic like no other

She has truly found her passion and purpose – helping people find joy and balance while building a successful career. She is a mother, wife, engineer, and entrepreneur with a message! Everyone that knows Priyanka loves her and her amazing energy. If you get an opportunity to work with her – consider yourself blessed

– Jolynn Swafford

work with me

Service 1: Strategic Profit Planning

Not sure what day-to-day activities to focus on to get you closer to your goals? 

You will receive a detailed, easy-to-follow plan that you can begin implementing right away in your business. I’m talking about a full-blown, 90-day plan focusing on 7 business objectives that will leave you feeling relieved, organized, and like the CEO you were destined to be.

Service 2: Operations Assessment & Implementation

Do you need support finding the gaps in your operations?


Based on the gaps in your business, we will create customized systems that include processes (SOP) for every part of the business to support your business. We will create systems for hiring, onboarding and offboarding, finance planning, project planning, sales, lead generation, KPI creation, launch planning, organization charts, and job descriptions.


Service 3: Director of Operations

Do you want to offload operations and focus on taking your time back or taking a break?


Whether it’s time to focus on your zone of genius or you need time off because of a life event such as a medical leave, family care leave, paternity leave, or family travels, we’re here to help. We step in to help you oversee your business during your leave. As your Director of Operations, I will manage the day-to-day activities so you can successfully transition with ease.